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Chinese New Year Celebration
9 February 2005 onwards

Several events were held in Division K to herald the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. These events once again enhanced camaraderie and fellowship among the Toastmasters who participated in them.

The President of Api-Api Toastmasters Club, TC Lim, DTM, held a Chinese New Year Open House on the second day of Chinese New Year on 9 February 2005 at his residence in Penampang. He invited his club members and other Toastmasters, including Division K Governor Richard A. Gontusan, DTM, to participate in the celebration at his home. His guests were treated to an animated Lion Dance Performance, and some home-cooked meals.

On 19 February 2005, the President of the Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club, John Liew, ATM-B, held a Chinese New Year Open House at his residence at Taman Dixon, Penampang for the club members. Division K Governor Richard A. Gontusan was present at the party. President John, First Lady Mary and their children Shaun and Shanon played perfect hosts to their visitors, who were privileged to taste First Lady Mary’s homemade cakes.

The Tawau Toastmasters Club held a major Chinese New Year gathering on 20 February 2005 at the Hotel Emas, Tawau, which was attended by about 100 members and guests. The club, which is led by President Datin Yuen Siew Kuen, CTM organised several games for the guests. Another interesting item on the programme was a protracted table topics session, where the guests were invited to match wits with each other. Among those present at the party were the Area K5 Governor Fung Thin Ken, ATM-B and the President of the Tawau Toastmasters Club, Lee Chye Ewe, ATM-G. It was an exciting event for all.

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Lion dance at Api-Api President
TC Lim's residence

TC and First Lady Annie with
their Toastmasters guests.

KKTMC President John Liew
entertains guests at his
CNY gathering

Tawau President Lee Chye Ewe
matches wits with participants at the
Tawau Mandarin TMC's gathering

Tawau Mandarin TMC's Chinese
New Year Gathering

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