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Division K Governor and Division K Secretary
visit Tawau Toastmasters Club
- 28 February 2005 & 1 March 2005

President Lee Chye Ewe, ATM-G and his members played gracious hosts to the Division K Governor Richard A. Gontusan, DTM and Division K Secretary Andrew Thien, ATM-G, who visited the Tawau Toastmasters Club during their meeting on 28 February 2005. Richard and Andrew were on separate business trips to Tawau.

About 15 members and guests attended the meeting, among whom was the Asst Division K Governor – Marketing Victor Rajasekran, ATM-B, who is a supportive member of the club. The Toastmaster of the Evening was Vera Yap, ATM-S, a seasoned Toastmaster who was clearly in her element that evening. Her anagram game certainly aroused the competitive spirit among the members, which was eventually won by Roselind Gan, ATM-B.

Roselind, who recently won the Area K2 International Speech Contest, played the accommodating Table Topics Master as she drew opinions from her respondents on a wide range of subject from money matters to the illegal immigrant issue. Richard and Andrew were surprised to note that most of the respondents were volunteers.

The audience was treated to 3 manual speeches that evening. First was a reading of a story segment by Roselind Gan to fulfil the requirements of her ATM-S No. 5. Next was Annie Pang, ATM-B, who graduated that evening with her ATM-S Award for conducting a “television” talk on effective presentation. Andrew Thien took the opportunity to deliver his C & L Speech No. 5 by promoting the Division K 9th Annual Convention to the audience. As the Organising Chairman of the convention, Andrew was delighted when 7 members of the club responded positively to his call by signing up immediately that evening.

Richard, who enjoys the role of Humour Master, entertained the audience with his collection of jokes… yes clean…. which prompted the President to remark that he remembered Richard as a strait-laced evaluation speech contestant at a Division Contest a few years ago. Well, Toastmasters has put the humour into Richard, much to the delight of the audience.

As the General Evaluator, Richard praised the club for its traditions, which have held the club together since it was established several years ago. In addition, he shared several pointers, which could further enhance the effectiveness and smoothness of the club meetings. Overall, he found the meeting to be fun-filled and educational, and congratulated President Lee and his members for the superb quality of the meeting. Finally, he urged the members to repeat history by achieving the President’s Distinguished Status for the term.

In closing, President Lee thanked his guests and visitors, and encouraged his members to reflect on the pointers raised the Division K Governor. He demonstrated so much warmth towards his guests and visitors that it would be difficult not to pay the club another visit.

The next day was no less interesting for Richard and Andrew. They were invited to a breakfast session with members of the Tawau Mandarin Toastmasters Club. The Area K5 Governor Fung Thin Ken, ATM-B, picked Richard and Andrew from their respective points and brought them to a Chinese shop where members of the club, led by President Datin Yuen Siew Ken, were already waiting.

Richard and Andrew were overwhelmed by the warm reception shown by the members, that they continued to feel warm about the whole reception even after the mee soup had been consumed. Although Richard understands a smattering of Mandarin, the members used mostly English during the breakfast, which again touched Richard tremendously.

After the breakfast, the members and guests walked to the IPP, Linda Ling’s shop, which apparently is the meeting point of the members when they are in town. Linda treated her guests to Chinese New Year goodies, which put a perfect end to a perfect morning. Richard and Andrew had so much to thank the members – Fung, Datin Yuen, Linda, Yun Thai, Fong, Hii and Chung – for making their visit to Tawau a most special one.

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Members prepare for

Roselind Gan conducts
Table Topics Session

Group Photo with Division
K Governor Richard A.
Gontusan, DTM and
Division K Secretary
Andrew Thien, ATM-G

At IPP Linda Ling's shop
- Tawau Mandarin TMC

Pictures by Andrew Thien, ATM-G and Linda's shop assistant.

President Datin Yuen Siew
Kien with her Tawau Mandarin
Toastmasters posing with
Richard and Andrew

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