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Area K1 Governor Yee That Hian visits KKTMC
- 15 February 2005

In keeping with Toastmasters International’s requirements, Area K1 Governor Yee That Hian, ATM-S paid an official visit to the Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club, which coincided with the Club’s Chinese New Year Theme Meeting, on 15 February 2005. 18 members and guests attended the meeting, which one of the lowest attendance for the term.

Nonetheless, the Toastmaster of the Evening, Louis Tham, DTM, did his level best to set a positive mood for the meeting with his anecdotes and antics relating to the Chinese New Year, the Year of the Rooster. There was much Rooster call throughout the evening, which Louis established as the victory call just for the meeting.

Audrey Lin enlivened the Table Topics session with her own entertaining brand of execution. No one was executed, but they engaged in “heated” debates and interesting airing of different points of views. Everyone enjoyed the session, prompting Table Topics Evaluator to compliment her for her efforts as well as the audience’s lively participation in the session.

There were only 3 manual speeches that evening. Andrew delivered a Better Speaker Series module on “How to start a speech.” TM Jirom Dony, a member of the SBO Toastmasters Club, visited the club to present his C & L Speech No. 7 on “I have a dream.” Richard ended the session by delivering his C & L Speech No. 4 on “Stop to smell the roses.”

The General Evaluator, Francis Tham, DTM, who is a past KKTMC President, raised a few points for the club members to consider in order to maintain the standards and quality of club meetings. He emphasised on punctuality, the need to be accommodating always to the guests to the meeting and the importance of ensuring that there are no last minutes changes to the contents of the programme. Finally, he urged all members to make full use of the speaking slots made available by the Club. He expressed fear that if the club members do not return to the roots that made the Club great, there is only one direction that the Club will move towards, which is downwards.

In this address, Area K1 Governor Yee That Hian seemed to continue from where Francis stopped. He said that the members must guard the quality of the meetings jealously. He added that complacency should be avoided as it is easy to get to the top, but to remain there is difficult. He urged the club members to remain vigilant to minor details that made the club great, to ensure that rapport among members remains high and to adhere to time-honoured traditions set by their predecessors. All these, enthused the Area K1 Governor, will ensure that the club remains a quality club.

At the meeting, Louis Tham, DTM was adjudged the Best Dressed Gentleman while Sylvia Maten, ATM-B clinched the Best Dressed Lady Award.

In closing, President John Liew, ATM-B acknowledged the comments made by the General Evaluator and the Area K1 Governor, and thanked those present for their support.

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General Evaluator Francis
Tham, DTM gives his comments
on the meeting

Area K1 Governor Yee
That Hian urges members to
pay attention to details

Best Dressed Lady
Sylvia Maten, ATM-B

Best Dressed Gentleman
TME Louis Tham, DTM

Photos by Andrew Thien, ATM-G

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