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Third Division K Council Meeting
- 19 March 2005

Attended by the District 51 Governor, Dr A. Arulnathan, DTM, the 3rd Division K Council Meeting was held on 19 March 2005 at the Promenade Hotel. It was the first event of the Division K 9th Annual Convention. LGM R Sivanganam, DTM and International Director Candidate, Dr John Lau, DTM, were also present at the meeting.

The meeting, which was attended by many of the Division K Council Members, Club Presidents, VPEs, and several observers, was presided over by the Division K Governor Richard A. Gontusan, DTM. The Division K Secretary, Andrew Thien, ATM-G, made all preparations for the successful meeting.

Most of the Areas reported that they were on track with their goals. It was decided that for the next three months until the end of the term, the Areas and Clubs in the Division will concentrate on tackling four challenges – 1. charter new clubs; 2. revive weak clubs; 3. increase membership; and 4. increase the number of educational goal achievers.

Division K will host an Appreciation Dinner on 18 June 2005. Let’s have a successful term, which we can all be proud of!

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Division K Governor Richard A.
Gontusan, DTM presides over
the 3rd Division K Council

Big guns at the council meeting
– District 51 Governor Dr Arulnathan,
DTM; LGM R Sivanganam, DTM
and International Director Candidate
Dr John Lau, DTM

Division K Secretary Andrew
Thien, ATM-G, makes preparation
for a fruitful council meeting

Wise Men of Divisions K and E
get together – Kim Poh, Andrew,
Dr John and TC Lim

L to R, Ronald, Nicholas, Dusun,
Luna, Azlina and Melanie observe
intently the proceedings of the
council meeting

To commemorate the 3rd Council
Meeting – go forth and achieve
the goals of the Division

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