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Division K 9th Annual Convention’s Fellowship Night
- 19 March 2005

By Richard A. Gontusan, DTM

After an almost full day of meeting and workshops, the Fellowship Night was welcomed by all the delegates to the convention, which numbered about 160. The Guest of Honour at the Fellowship Night was the District 51 Governor, Dr A. Arulnathan, DTM. Accompanying him were his wife and son as well as two District Officers, including the District LGM R Sivanganam, DTM and the District Secretary Joseph Gomez, DTM. Dr John Lau, DTM an International Director Candidate was also an important guest at the function.

The Organising Chairman, Andrew Thien, ATM-G, put in the final touches to the technical apparatuses needed to ensure the success of the entertainment programme lined up for the meeting. Iskandar Ahmad, DTM, a prominent member of the host club, conducted the invocation. The Master of Ceremony for the whole evening was Jeremy Pinso, CTM, who was also the Entertainment Director of the Convention. He was assisted by his co-MC, the very talented Alicia Wong, ATM-B, CL from the Brunei Speakers Club.

While the over 160 guests dined, they listened to speeches delivered by the Host Club President John Liew, ATM-B, the Division K Governor Richard A. Gontusan, DTM, and the GOH District 51 Governor Dr Arulnathan, DTM. In between the speeches, the guests were treated to an entertainment programme prepared specifically for the evening.

A montage, in which various scenes of recent movies were re-enacted, was perhaps the best entertainment item that evening. Toastmasters, who turned actors and actresses, re-enacted with a twist scenes from the movies - Titanic, Pirates, Matrix, James Bond and Charlie Angels. The lovers from the Titanic were abducted by the Pirates. Neo and James Bond tried to rescue the lovers, but were overwhelmed by the Pirates until the Charlie’s 3 Angels subdued them with their fighting prowess. Eventually, the lovers were joined in an unholy matrimony in which the man developed cold feet and tried to unhinge himself from the man and wife vow.

The Michael Jackson Musical Video competition saw representatives from the 6 Areas vying for the top placing. They tried their very best to put their best MJ’s dance steps forward, urged on by their enthusiastic supporters. However, the MJ Video show itself was too slow for the contestants, putting most of their dance steps into disarray. The Area K6 representatives showed enough stamina and creativity to eventually win the competition.

A lot was expected of the game show, “Who wants to be a DTM?” However, the rules were not clearly spelt out, causing confusion among the contestants, who were mostly ladies. They had to run up and down in their stilettos, hoping to answer questions posed by the game show host, only to be told that it was not their turn to answer. Out of all the confusion, several prizes were heaped on only one winner, Area C3 Governor Sandrasegaran.

The contestants for the most glamorous lady and gentleman competition drew some interesting reactions from the audience. They went for the classic look, and applauded Christine Yap, DTM and Abu Bakar Sheriff, DTM to clinching their respective titles. That was not until all the other contestants were eliminated based on the strength of the applause decibels generated by their fans or lack thereof.

The excitement continued with the Organising Chairman Andrew Thien reading out the names of the most Enthusiastic Award recipients. These recipients were club presidents who each registered a significant number of delegates to the convention. Those who were presented with the award were Luna Chua of the Sandakan Toastmasters Club, Pushfa Ramasamy of the Labuan Toastmasters Club, Wong Phong Yun of the Kota Kinabalu Mandarin Toastmasters Club, Rozana Yunos of the Brunei Speakers Club and John Liew of the Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club.

The guests waited in anticipation as the Division K Governor read out the names of the winners of the various Area K Toastmasters of the Year and the Division K Toastmaster of the Year. Applause accompanied the recipients or their representatives as they went up to receive their respective awards from the District Governor. The recipients were as follows:

Area K6 Toastmaster of the Year, Melanie Chin, ATM-S, Brunei Speakers
Area K5 Toastmaster of the Year, Hong Lean Hwa, ATM-B, Sandakan Mandarin
Area K4 Toastmaster of the Year, Azlina Abdul Jalil, CTM, IEM Sabah
Area K3 Toastmaster of the Year, Nico Liew, ATM-B, Kota Kinabalu Mandarin
Area K2 Toastmaster of the Year, Vera Yap, ATM-S, Tawau
Area K1 Toastmaster of the Year, Andrew Thien, ATM-G, Kota Kinabalu

The coveted award of Division K Toastmaster of the Year went to Andrew Thien, who demonstrated remarkable contributions towards the cause of Toastmasters in Division K for the term.

The award presentation ceremony marked the end of the evening. The dance floor was opened to the guests until it was time to leave. It was an exciting and fun-filled evening for everyone, which was a meaningful end to the first day of the Division K 9th Annual Convention.

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Law Lee Poh, Fatimah Yassin,
Dr Arulnathan, Mrs Arul, Christine
Yap and Richard Gontusan attend
the Division K 9th Annual Convention’s
Fellowship Night

Sandrasegaran, District Secretary
Joseph Gomez and Sivaganam join
the other guests at the Fellowship Night.

Strong support from the Brunei
delegates led by President
Rozana Yunos

Mandarin Toastmasters
led by Dr Jacob Yan

Enthusiasm Award Recipients for
bringing most number of delegates
to the convention – Rozana Yunos,
Pushfa Ramasamy, Luna Chua,
Wong Phong Yun and John Liew,
flanked by Organising Chairman
Andrew Thien on left and Division K
Governor Richard A. Gontusan on right.

Datuk Adeline Leong and
Casey Leong grace
Fellowship Night

A memento presented to
the Guest of Honour,
Dr Arulnathan

Pirates create commotion
during the entertainment

Charlie’s Angels – Jennifer Chong,
Dora Danny and Fatimah
– return calm where
commotion once reigned.

Glamorous Dressed
Contestant Sophia Chia
poses with Richard and
Lee Poh

Division K PRO Florence
Majanil-Liau welcomes guests
to the Fellowship Night.

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