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Seminar on “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind"
- 18 March 2005

By Azlina Abdul Jalil, CTM

Did you know that for any external input that you see, hear or feel, it will go through processing or reasoning in your conscious mind? The conscious mind will determine whether this input will be accepted or rejected. If it were to be rejected, then it will be just like a passing thought in your mind. Whereas, if the input is not rejected or not processed at all, what will happen is that it will still be stored in your subconscious mind. Fascinating.

This perhaps explains why we sometimes have a feeling of deja vu or how we can sometimes recall the smallest of the smallest details. In fact, this is the gist of the advertising and marketing industry. Your conscious mind might not necessarily reject a product it sees and hence it is stored in your subconscious and would probably influence your purchasing decisions of the future.

All of this and more were covered in Dr A Arulnathan’s seminar entitled “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” which acted as a prequel or unofficial opener to the Division K 9th Annual Convention (19 to 20 March 2005). More than 60 participants attended the seminar, which was organised by the Kota Kinabalu Toastmasters Club, with the Club’s VPE, Ronald Tang, ATM-B, taking the lead.

In the seminar, Dr Arulnathan, who is a medical doctor and the current District 51 Governor, explained the dynamics of our conscious and subconscious mind and how we can use Alpha Programming to programme ourselves to achieve the goals that we want.

The workshop included a few very interesting demonstrations conducted by Dr Arul, to demonstrate that we can programme our subconscious to go mind over matter when it comes to achieving the results we desire. Just ask Andrew Thien, ATM-G and Pushfa Ramasamy, ATM-B, who both experienced the sensation of being suspended in mid air!

(Click on image to view Larger image)

The crowd to at the

Obviously awed by the

Don’t look at me,
I didn’t do it!

This is the feel of
being downtrodden

A memento for the seminar
facilitator, Dr A

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