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Public Speaking Clinic for Tanjung Aru Junior Chamberís Members
- 30 April 2005

Under the invitation of JC Christopher Shaw, the Chapter President of Tanjung Aru JCs, and JC Paul Hen, the Vice president, a public speaking clinic was held for their members at the Lembaga Letrik Sabah Building on 30 April 2005. About 20 JC members attended the clinic.

Area K1 Governor Yee That Hian, ATM-S, in collaboration with JC Christopher and JC Paul, made the arrangement for the clinic. At the clinic, Yee spoke on public speaking techniques and the ways and means to develop oneís public speaking skill.

The other speakers were Division K Governor Richard A. Gontusan, DTM and Division K Secretary Andrew Thien, ATM-G. Richard spoke on evaluation techniques and contest rules, while Andrew demonstrated evaluation techniques on JC Paulís speech. KKTMC President John Liew, ATM-B was in attendance at the clinic.

The JC members, who attended the clinic, picked some pointers on successful public speaking. They were encouraged to join the Toastmasters to further enhance their public speaking skills.

(Click on image to view Larger image)

Listeners entertained by
Yeeís presentation

Yee receives a token of
appreciation from Paul Hen

Richard gets one as well

So does Andrew

A clinic completed.
Everyone is raring
to speak.

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